Q: After I turn the Famicom on, the light only steadily blinks Green, Red, Green, Red…forever.

A: Check the SD card connection, and verify the SD card works.

Q: I have tried to load a disk, and I either get some disk errors or just a blank screen.  Is it broken?

A: Most likely it is a bad disk image.  To verify the integrity of the disk image, try to load it in an emulator.  I recommend using Nintendulator for checking if your disk images are good.


Q: Is it safe to turn my Famicom off at any time without losing my saves?

A: After the last disk access, Magic Wild Card will wait a full second before committing the changed disk to the SD card.  As long as the LED is green, you are fine to power off your console.

Q: I have formatted my SD card with exFAT filesystem and it does not work.

A: Magic Wild Card only supports FAT16 and FAT32 filesystems.  It is recommended to use the “SD Card Formatter” to format them.  Check the Getting Started page for a link.