Getting Started

Step 1. Format the Micro SD card.

To ready the Micro SD card, you first need to format it.  Magic Wild Card can read FAT16 and FAT32 filesystems only.  Do not format the card with exFAT or any other filesystem; it will not work.

I recommend using the SD Association’s SD Formatter.  Download it by clicking on the link.  Use it to format your Micro SD card in FAT32 format.


Step 2. Copy your disk images.

Use any method to copy your disk images over to the root directory of the Micro SD card.  Magic Wild Card will only look for the disk images in the root folder of the card.


Step 3. Insert Magic Wild Card.

Insert the Magic Wild Card into the plug at the end of the RAM Adapter’s cable.  Make sure the component side of your Magic Wild Card is on the same side as the notched part of the RAM Adapter’s plug.  The Magic Wild Card will fit just right, and it should look like it does in the picture below.


Step 4. Power on your Famicom.

After the Magic Wild Card initializes and searches the Micro SD card for disk images, it will begin to load the menu.  After the menu loads you will be presented with a list of the disk images on the Micro SD card.  Use the directional pad to move around, and when you have selected the disk to play, press the A button to commence loading it.

Untitled 3


Step 5. Disk side changing.

While you are playing the disk, it may prompt you to change disk sides.  To do this, press the button located on the Magic Wild Card to advance to the next disk side.

For example. if you are playing a two sided game, you will begin on side A.  To advance to side B, press the button.  If the disk asks you for side A, press the button again and it will go back to side A.  You should wait 3 seconds before changing disk sides repeatedly.